Django: Under The Hood

Django: Under the Hood is an exciting new Django conference for experienced Django developers. Come and learn about the internals of Django, and help to shape its future.

The conference is being organised by members of the core team in association with the Dutch Django Association. All attendees must follow the Code of Conduct.

When When?

It's going to take place on the 14th of November (Friday), with sprints on the 15th (Saturday). See more detailed schedule.

Where Where?

The conference will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. On the first day we will meet at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Our host for the second day will be TravelBird.

Speakers Speakers

The schedule is as follows:

Anssi Kääriäinen

Anssi Kääriäinen

Anssi will be speaking about the Django ORM

Jannis Leidel

Jannis Leidel

Jannis will be speaking about internationalisation in Django

Andrew Godwin

Andrew Godwin

Andrew will be speaking about the new Django migrations framework

Daniel Pyrathon

Daniel Pyrathon

Daniel will be speaking about Model._meta and his Google Summer of Code work

Tom Christie

Tom Christie

Tom will be speaking about Django Rest Framework and request processing in Django

Armin Ronacher

Armin Ronacher

Armin will be speaking about python templating languages

Learn Fri, 14th Nov 2014

Venue: Pakhuis De Zwijger

Anssi Kääriäinen - Django ORM
Andrew Godwin - Django migrations
Tom Christie - Django REST Framework
Jannis Leidel - internationalisation
Coffee break
Daniel Pyrathon - Model._meta
Armin Ronacher - Python templating

Contribute Sat, 15th November 2014

Venue: Travel Bird Office

Doors open
More Sprinting

During the sprints on the second day, you'll get a chance to contribute to Django or to a Django-related open source project. Come fix bugs or create new features alongside the Django core team and other Django library authors!

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The tickets for our event are currently sold out.

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Refund policy: We can accept ticket cancellations up to two weeks before the event. If you want to cancel after that, we will refund only if we find a new buyer for your ticket.

Supporters Supporters

Gold sponsors

Dreamsolution is a Dutch design and software development company working for the Dutch corporate market. Our design process is aimed at developing bespoke software that is effective and doesn't require upfront knowledge of its specific users. We integrate software engineering, interaction design and functionality.

Our engineers work with Open Source tools such as Python, Django, Linux, Redis and MySQL for backends and SASS for front-end development. We believe that these tools help us achieve the best possible result for our clients.

RhodeCode creates tools that enable enterprises to become agile and responsive to the needs of the market place by bringing secure, distributed version control systems behind the firewall, and supporting the adoption of this model through training, support, and flexible integration with existing software.

RhodeCode’s flagship product, RhodeCode Enterprise, is installed in-house and offers the industry’s most advanced version control management and cross-platform collaboration suite. RhodeCode Enterprise unifies Git and Mercurial repository management and development workflows. It works with existing technology and integrates with legacy source code, libraries, development systems, issue trackers and is already deployed inside more than 14,000 organizations across Education, Finance, Gaming, Nuclear Energy, R&D, Military, and Government.

Mobile Vikings is not your everyday company. As part of VikingCo, which also markets CityLife (check the CityLife App!), our core business is telecoms. But that might just be a cover-up for our alternative development initiatives, hence our embracing Django and Python. We like to do things our own way (Mobile Vikings have been called stubborn), so we developed our own cms’s and to this day keep upgrading our free mobile app (the awesome Viking App). But we’re open-minded too: sharing knowledge is our belief. Maybe you’re already familiar with some of our open source repositories (django datatrans, django advanced reports or django states)? VikingCo always seeks the win-win in partnerships. Just ask Ingenico, Connective, bhaalu or Sparkcentral. Then, in Makerland 2014, we went ballistic. To such an extent even that we organised our own hackathon in September. Just goes to show...

In a team of 10 web developers, we create sophisticated, beautiful, well functioning web apps and (mobile) websites. We like to work with Open Source software, because we believe in sharing knowledge and we never want to stop innovating. We love Django because we think it’s the best thing yet. We’re excited about new techniques and the fast pace that Django gives us while developing the next big thing. We’re quite the perfectionists, so we don’t design, we don’t sell and we don’t play bullshit-bingo. It’s al about the code, period :)

Oh, and we always welcome talent, so if you can relate, let us know!

Silver sponsors


We are seeking companies who wish to support the event financially. We hope to bring as many of the Django core team to the event as possible to share knowledge and improve the development process. If you are interested in helping, please get in touch.